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Photographing things that change – an interview with Mattia Zoppellaro

Rovigo is a city in Veneto that recently became famous for winning the title of “most boring city of Italy”. Since I was born there and since I live there for now, I can’t actually say it’s

German Electro with analogue sounds: Minimal Wave according to Mängelexemplar

As a dj, it’s important for me to constantly search for selected music pieces to play at my dj sets. As a result I spend hours listening to tons of music until I find exactly what I’m

“Gaming is where the battle is and where the boundaries are being pushed” – an interview with John Clowder

In my previous post I told you about my first steps into the world of indie-games, with a special mention of Middens and Gingiva, two games that impressed me and excited me particularly for their artistic, avant-gard

How many hands can make a hand? The thick spaces of FRA!

I don’t know if you’ve ever received a book by Richard Scarry as a gift, back when you were a child. I, for instance, got the “Storybook Dictionary”. Well, you were lucky if you ever got one