John Clowder’s new video game is on Kickstarter

Recently we had the pleasure to interview John Clowder and have a little preview of his new game: Where They Cremate the Roadkill. Now this game has been launched on Kickstarter to become reality. This is what John anticipates us about the project: (more…)

German Electro with analogue sounds: Minimal Wave according to Mängelexemplar

As a dj, it’s important for me to constantly search for selected music pieces to play at my dj sets. As a result I spend hours listening to tons of music until I find exactly what I’m looking for. This is how I discovered Mängelexemplar, Dusseldorf Synth Wave duo. (more…)

Look at the Google Doodle, then get to work

The Google Doodle is the first thing many of us see before starting to work. It’s also how we realize, while we’re still sleepy: Read more

Wunderkammer #4

Wunderkammer: only the best from our posts! Read more

“Gaming is where the battle is and where the boundaries are being pushed” – an interview with John Clowder

In my previous post I told you about my first steps into the world of indie-games, with a special mention of Middens and Gingiva, two games that impressed me and excited me particularly for their artistic, avant-gard form. Two games I played several times so that I could seize each aspect of them. And behind these games there’s John Clowder. Read more

Wunderkammer #3

Wunderkammer: only the best from our posts! Read more

How many hands can make a hand? The thick spaces of FRA!

I don’t know if you’ve ever received a book by Richard Scarry as a gift, back when you were a child. I, for instance, got the “Storybook Dictionary”. Well, you were lucky if you ever got one of his books.
Scarry’s drawings are thick and colorful and I loved to watch them closely; you could always find one little guy hidden somewhere. Children are inquisitive, they go through stuff to process everything. Adults can be inquisitive too, but they tend to forget about it.

That’s why the premise: one night I attend a music festival, one of these festivals where they hang illustration pieces on the walls, and I see my very first Francesco Caporale aka FRA! delving into the details. Read more

Wunderkammer #2

Wunderkammer: only the best from our posts! Read more

Wunderkammer #1

Wunderkammer is an expression used to indicate, between the Sixteenth and Seventeenth centuries, the “Cabinet of curiosities” in which collectors preserved extraordinary objects. And so we decided to name this section Wunderkammer, because it’s a room that contains small selected wonders from the posted inspirations of our facebook page. These are extended from illustration to design, from street art to tattoo, from video to installations.
Now, we open the doors of the first Wunderkammer, and we’ll waiting for you every month in a new room! Read more

Are children born in beer mugs? The world of Mary and Max

A few nights ago while I was in the middle of an eternal dilemma about what to do:

  1. Read the last Millenium Trilogy book by Stieg Larsson
  2. Drink a fresh beer en plein air
  3. Tide up the home
  4. Hang out with friends

I decide to do nothing of the sort and instead I started watching a wonderful stop-motion movie: Mary and Max by Australian film maker Adam Elliot.
Based on a true story the movie tells us about Mary Dinkle, a little girl, 8 years, 3 months and 9 days old (as the story begins), living in Mount Waverly, Australia, and Max Horowitz, 44 year-old jew who overcomes insomnia by eating chocolate hot dogs. Read more