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The art of getting lost, the art of becoming more specific – Kentucky Route Zero act IV

It starts with a gigantic animatronic, shaped like a mammoth. Rumbling, sparkling, hopelessly broken. His internal mechanism could once make music, but no one remembers the melody anymore.

Imperfection and beauty – part one: video games

Imperfection must be loved. This is not the same old discourse about defending diversity – this is about the peculiarity of how beauty is perceived. How many technically flawless illustrators are there in the world? Millions. The

An old song for Kentucky Route Zero

There’s something special about travelling by night. When the hour is particularly late, that’s when you ask yourself if you’ll really manage to come back home and, ultimately, if coming back home makes any sense at all.

John Clowder’s new video game is on Kickstarter

Recently we had the pleasure to interview John Clowder and have a little preview of his new game: Where They Cremate the Roadkill. Now this game has been launched on Kickstarter to become reality. This is what