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Wunderkammer #11

Wunderkammer: only the best from our posts!

Wunderkammer #10

Wunderkammer: only the best from our posts!

The visual punk of glitch art

I had a musical education, so I happen to know quite well the types of experimentation that crossed the history of music – such as prepared piano, circuit bending, or analog re-sampling. I did not know the

Photographing things that change – an interview with Mattia Zoppellaro

Rovigo is a city in Veneto that recently became famous for winning the title of “most boring city of Italy”. Since I was born there and since I live there for now, I can’t actually say it’s

The kind of animation you don’t expect

When I talk about animated movies with someone I realize most people only think about mainstream cartoons. A lot of them refers to 3d animation, Pixar and Dreamworks products. The nostalgic ones, to Disney classics. The edgy

Wunderkammer #1

Wunderkammer is an expression used to indicate, between the Sixteenth and Seventeenth centuries, the “Cabinet of curiosities” in which collectors preserved extraordinary objects. And so we decided to name this section Wunderkammer, because it’s a room that