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Martino Prendini

Illustrator and Animator
Co-founder of Anatomie der Form
Co-founder of Mary and the teapot


"I had a lover's quarrel with the world." [Robert Frost]


I'm a bit like those spoiled kids, you know? Always saying "I want it too" when they see something that draws their attention. When I see something I like I can't help but say "I want make it too."

I like stories of people, preferably told late in the evening and accompanied by a good red wine glass. I also like that glass of red wine in itself.

I like to hang pictures on the walls. It happens very often to glance at them - even just by mistake - and everytime they make me think back to the moments and the suggestions they have fixed, even when I would not. They make me feel like I really lived my experiences and chose them.

I like being covered in blankets up to my head; I like book covers, and wandering through bookshops, waiting for a book to choose me.

I like being early to appointments, so that I can have a cigarette by myself. I like the taste of cigarettes smoked while waiting for someone.

I like the strangeness of jellyfish but I wouldn't like to meet them. I like to swim alone at dawn: the sea is a silent giant that allows my presence only because it's asleep.

I like reading fairy tales to someone, loud music while I draw in an empty room at night, and locations where you can see landscapes from above.

And of course I like illustration: it's a point of view, a way of perceiving, understanding, interpreting, owning things, and passing them to others. The world infects me everyday, and I really want to show you how."


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